Levels of Love

My son (5 yrs old) asked my male cousin (15 yrs old) to build his new Lego contraption that he received. My cousin agreed and built it for him.

It struck me that my cousin's actions were both selfless and less than ideal. A deeper understanding of love would know that a greater act of love would be to help my son build it and thus to grow his understanding, curiosity, and knowledge. This due to the nature of love as commitment to the good of the nature and person and thus to its perfection.

If I were to talk to my cousin and explain to him he would no doubt admit that he never thought of that. He was at a lower level of love and did not have cognitive access to higher levels.

There is no doubt that wiser men or God could sit me down and describe to me some truly loving action that I took and explain that there is a higher activity of love that I could have done that had never occurred to me.

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